New Project From NextWave: Tools for Bitcoin investment

Many investors are turning to this crypto-currency as it approaches the near $10,000 mark.

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NextWave Bitcoin Consultation

Nextwave is proud to announce a service to help investors and enthusiasts tackle the new challenge that is bitcoin investment. As an emerging technology bitcoin can be a murky lake to traverse, however with proper tooling, proprietary metrics, aggregated media, and a history of successful trades, NextWave hopes to be a lighthouse in the Bitcoin market.

Dealing with the speculation

Speculation drives the market more than actual facts. How people ~think~ the market is going to go, drives the bids on exchange sites, therefore affecting the price. Nextwave provides tools, and time-tested experience dealing with and maximizing investment profit due to speculation. At the end of the day, speculation is just that, speculation.

Take advantage of peaks and lows

By buying and selling at the right times you can increase your bitcoin investment without actually spending more cash. Monitoring and addressing speculation will equip you with tools to grow at a faster rate than those who sit idly by. NextWave provides knowledge on how to properly take advantage of speculation.

Invest in an emerging technology

Bitcoin continues to grow and drown out the doubt. The longer you wait, the more you let the boat pass by. Investors that were able to buy in the birth years of bitcoin, are millionaires. Don’t let an emerging technology pass you by.

Proprietary metrics API

Nextwave provides a proprietary metrics API that not only provides accurate prediction information, built from years of experience trading, but also allows for you to build custom clients to monitor the API to make for rapid trading on demand through tooling and machine learning.

Aggregated media

Checking on all of the sources for bitcoin news can be difficult. However, it is necessary to monitor speculation about future prices. NextWave Solutions provides an aggregated media feed to make it easy for you to read the mind of the masses of investors.